HVAC Services in Miami & Ft Lauderdale

At Dedicated Cooling, we offer the following:

AC Maintenance

Maintenance of all heating and cooling equipment including ductwork for both commercial and residential equipments up to 25 tons.

Duct Work

The term ducting refers to ductwork, a system which transports air from the HVAC system to all the rooms in the building or home. They are an important part of the air’s quality.

New AC Installations

Typically these are non insulated metal ducts used to exhaust smells and unwanted gases from the home (kitchens and bathrooms). Their exit points are rooftops, gabled walls or eave vents.

Duct Cleaning

Improve your home or business’ air quality with a professional duct cleaning. Using the most current ROTOBRUSH® technology to remove debris from ducting. We offer sanitization of your duct systems to offer optimal air quality.

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