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5 Reasons To Clean Your Ducts

At Dedicated Cooling we now offer Duct Cleaning! After we realized the high demand from our customers for this service, we decided to invest in the latest Rotobrush™ technology. Duct cleaning involves physically removing debris from your ducts, supply, and return vents. Ducts are the avenues air travels through to reach all the rooms in your home. Common debris across all homes include dust, pet dander, and lint. In Miami and Broward (south Florida generally), mold, insects, and even animal feces can be found in residential HVAC systems in some cases. For this reason it is important to maintain them just as you would your actual HVAC unit. If you're unsure about duct cleaning read below some important factors to consider!

1. You've never cleaned your ducts or don't remember when you did last.

The famous saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” definitely applies to your A/C systems. Maintenance is recommended annually on your unit and every 3+ years on your ducts.

2. Young children or individuals with respiratory issues live in the residence.

At Dedicated Cooling we hold honesty at the utmost value. We won't say that duct cleaning improves allergies like other companies will to get a sale. So we are honest in saying that officially, the EPA has no significant research proving that duct cleaning reduces allergens. With that being said, houses with mold or rodent/insect issues are definitely recommended duct cleaning due to the health hazard posed by inhaling air passing through these debris. We’ll talk about it more in the next section. Here is an article from the EPA that goes into great detail about the research performed regarding duct cleaning services.

3. Like all of us, you might not be current with changing your filter.

We all have thousands of thoughts rushing through our heads every day. Lets face it, changing your air filter is probably not one of them! When the air filter is not changed as indicated, dust and debris is more likely to accumulate throughout your HVAC system. At Dedicated Cooling we recommend to perform an initial duct cleaning and then maintain it with monthly filter changes. This upkeep will prolong the life of your ducts and unit. We even offer a free subscription service that reminds you monthly to change your filter. One less thing to worry about! Text "FILTER REMINDER" to (786)300-6002 to receive monthly filter change reminders.

4. You recently performed renovations.

Your HVAC system has nightmares about renovations! Any work involving dust and debris will make its way through your A/C unit and ducts. Your A/C works hard to provide fresh air but if there is ongoing construction there will be inevitable build up. To help your HVAC out, cleaning the ducts and other components such as the coil and filter will help remove that buildup.

5. You recently moved into a previously owned home.

The first thing any person does when they move into a new home is CLEAN, CLEAN, AND CLEAN. There is no way you would sit on a stranger’s toilet or take a bath in their tub. Many people don’t consider their A/C and duct systems as one of the things to clean when they first move in. A new home can be a great fresh start, why not make sure you have clean air as well!

In summary, there are several reasons you may consider cleaning your duct systems. You may have never cleaned them before or moved into a previously owned home with no HVAC maintenance history. Maybe you have lived in your home for many years and recently added some upgrades that produced plenty of dust or debris. You could be familiar with the nuisance of rodents and pests in south Florida and seen these critters in your home. You might want to provide the best quality of air flow to your family. Lastly you could just be forgetful about maintenance (we totally get it).

Whatever the reason is, we're here to help! If you’d like more information or have questions specific to your situation, we are just a text or call away. If you live near Miami or Broward we are looking forward to providing dedicated support for all your residential or commercial HVAC installations, repairs, service or maintenance.

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